PlayStation: A French rapper alienates Sony players

Since the dawn of time, there has unfortunately been a console war, a war between PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC players. And if in normal times it remains good child, it can sometimes be that things get out of hand a little, and French rapper Koba LaD had a bad experience of it.

Koba LaD alienates the PlayStation community

In 2020, the French rapper Koba LaD took part in a marketing operation organized by the manufacturer Sony, who is therefore at the head of PlayStation. On the program of the latter, a live session on the FPS of the moment which was then Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, all on PlayStation 4. If Koba LaD was presenthe was not alone since other distinguished guests were also there, including SCH and Naza. If the whole thing was orchestrated by the YouTubers Inoxtag and Michouit did not take long for the first failures to occur.

Although everything was going perfectly well, that’s when Koba LaD has, without realizing it, created discomfort by admitting his preference for the other manufacturer, namely Xbox. While the guests were all talking among themselves, the rapper actually stated that he preferred playing on Xbox, with the latter feeling far more comfortable on the console. Despite the astonishment of his companions, Koba LaD insisted on this point, repeating several times “I prefer Xbox”.

Of course, it was without counting on the other guests who very quickly understood that Koba LaD had blundered, inevitably creating a laugh and a certain discomfort during the stream. It was then that Inoxtag decided to take matters into their own hands and therefore changed the subject, surely realizing the blunder committed by the rapper.

Following this small event, the rapper returned to this story in an interview with the media Raplumealongside from YouTuber Théodort. According to him, and despite the publicity made for Xbox, our Koba LaD confided that the problem was quickly resolved, even if we can imagine that this operation was most certainly an operation paid for by the PlayStation brand.

More fear than harm for Koba LaDbut as for a next invitation from the manufacturer, nothing is less certain.

We can’t say it enough, but no matter what medium we play on, the main thing is above all to have fun and discover the games offered by our favorite studios. Moreover, despite what we might believe, studios are increasingly offering the possibility of being able to play with players from other platforms. thanks to crossplayand therefore optimize their games to the maximum so that we can all enjoy them as it should.


While PlayStation has been talking for several years about the brand’s desire to export its productions to smartphones, it seems that the company is now taking action. By recruiting a shock team, PlayStation intends to impose itself on the mobile games market!

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