PlayStation Plus: Introducing PS Plus games for October 2022

As you well know, Sony “gives away” games every month for people who are PlayStation Plus subscribers. Despite an overhaul of the service, subscriptions still allow you to retrieve several “free” titles on a monthly basis. On our side, we offer you a video presentation to take stock and see if it may interest you. In September, we were treated to a relatively good line-up, but let’s see the PS Plus games of October 2022 together.

What are the PlayStation Plus games for October 2022?

Like every month, three new games are available for download on PlayStation consoles. We also find there once again a racing game and a fighting game, this time accompanied by an independent shooter which caused a sensation when it was launched. Here are the three PS Plus games for October:

PlayStation Plus games for October 20222 will be available this Tuesday, October 4 during the day. It will be possible to retrieve them either via the PlayStation Plus tab on your console or on the product page.

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