PlayStation Plus: Mafia Definitive Edition on display to start February

Remake hailed when it was released in September 2020, Mafia Definitive Edition brings up to date with a certain accuracy a game that appeared 20 years ago. Released last May, Evil Dead: The Game seems to have disappeared from discussions as quickly as it arrived, the Epic Games Store exclusivity of the PC version not necessarily helping. To see if the PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to offer a rebound to this asymmetrical multiplayer game developed by Saber Interactive.

Suppo and Olli

The latest in a series whose modest beginnings took place on PS Vita, OlliOlli World earned the Roll7 studio the integration of the Private Division family and therefore the Take-Two Interactive group. Finally, a little bonus in this launch month of Destiny 2: Eclipse, Bungie’s game is in the spotlight with Beyond Light, the expansion released in November 2020 which took Guardians to Europa, the frozen moon of Jupiter. Subscribers will have from February 7 to March 6 to download these titles or simply add them to their library.

The PlayStation Plus Collection will disappear in May

The PlayStation Blog release also announces that the PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer exist from May 9, 2023, so subscribers should grab the games they care about before then. As a reminder, this collection of around 20 PS4 games has served as a benefit for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5 since the console launched in November 2020.”If you haven’t yet claimed the titles in this collection, you can still do so until May 9, giving you access to these titles even after that date, as long as you remain a PlayStation Plus member.“, can we read.

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