Playstation Plus Premium: no DLC for PS3 games in the catalog

With the Premium formula of the new Playstation Plus, subscribers will be able to enjoy many titles from the PS3 catalog. On the other hand, if these games had DLC, it will be necessary to do without it as Sony has just confirmed.

Credits: Capcom

From June 23, 2022, Playstation Plus will return to France in a brand new formula, born from the merger between the current PS Plus and Playstation Now, Sony’s cloud gaming service. This time around, players will have a choice of three different subscriptions, with prices ranging from €8.99 to €16.99 per month.

Via the Premium formula, players will be able to enjoy many titles from the catalogs of previous Sony consoles, such as the PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4. Regarding the PS3, the Japanese firm has already revealed the list of games that will be available when the service is launched.

There are obviously many games stamped Playstation Studios like the first Infamous, MotorStorm Apocalypsevarious Rachet & Clank or Demons Souls and Resistance 3. On the side of third-party publishers, it will be necessary to rely on Asura’a Wrath, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 or FEAR and Lost Planet 2 from Capcom.

No DLC for PS3 games from PS Plus Premium

And if the PS4 games accessible through the Extra and Premium offers will be available for download and streaming, iwe will have to settle for streaming only for PS3 games. Knowing this, Sony has confirmed that players will not be able to not access DLC for PS3 games to come as already present. Asura’s Watch, for example, offered an alternative ending in DLC. We will have to do without it and be content with the original experience.

As a reminder, the new Playstation Plus made its debut this Thursday, May 26, 2022 in several Asian countries. The opportunity for European players to preview the interface of this new formula, without forgetting first impressions of users.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm very quickly gave way to the discontent of the players. In addition to displaying a very limited catalog of games far from Sony’s promises, the manufacturer has angered users with a pricing policy described as scandalous. Finally, Sony decided to backtrack in the face of the emerging controversy, ensuring that it was a technical error.

Source: GameSpot

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