PlayStation Plus: The subscription upgrade is already controversial

New Playstation Plus made its big debut yesterday in Asia, which allowed us to discover the final list of games offered in the different levels of the subscription. But Asian consumers have also been able to experience all the details of the service upgrade, and even if Sony already explained how it would all work a few days ago, today we discover some subtleties that do not make everyone happy. .

Canceled promotions

First and foremost, this all stems from comments posted on Reddit and social media from Asian gamers, which are hard to verify at this time as Sony has yet to comment on this. .

Several comments point out that people who got PS Plus subscriptions through a promotion would be forced to pay the difference when they upgraded. In short, if a user has taken advantage of a promotion (launched by Sony, let’s remember) to obtain his PS Plus subscription, this promotion will be canceled during the upgrade, and the customer will have to pay the amount he had nevertheless saved during the purchase.

For example: if someone bought a one-year subscription at €49.99 instead of €59.99, and they want to upgrade to the Premium stage at €119.99 per year, they will have to pay €70 instead of 60 € for the upgrade. His promotion is therefore cancelled.

The other problem highlighted by the Asian community, it is the impossibility of upgrading one’s subscription just for a given period. For example, if you still have 7 months of PS Plus, and you only want to upgrade to PS Plus Premium for one month, before going back to PS Plus Essential, this will not be possible.

Sony asks that the entire remaining time of your subscription be upgraded. This obviously poses problems for those who decided to accumulate subscriptions before the implementation of this new service, and before Sony prevented this practice.

An upgrade that causes brain knots

In addition, it seems that the upgrade forces you to pay the difference, as shown in this table relayed by VGC. Sony had said that if, for example, you had a one-year subscription to PS Plus and wanted to upgrade to PS Plus Premium, then you would get 183 days of PlayStation Plus Premium. We thought the subscription was discounted over time as a result, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, it just seems to be discounted on the price of the upgrade. You will have the 183 days “free”, but you will have to pay for the other 182 of the year if you want to take advantage of the upgrade.

We grant you, it’s still a little vague, so here’s an example: if you start your subscription from June 22, 2022 to June 22, 2023 (having paid for a PS Plus code for a year as it is still sold) , and you want to upgrade to Premium, you’ll be forced to upgrade until June 22, 2023. That means you’ll have to pay for 182 days of PS Plus Premium membership, given that the first 183 days will already be paid (thanks to the pro rata of the subscription you paid). However, this remains to be confirmed, and should be taken with a grain of salt..

We will obviously wait for the launch of the service in Europe to draw the first conclusions.but this new service seems in any case to cause beautiful confusion.

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