PlayStation VR 2 RUMOR: Sony wants to produce 2 million headsets by March 2023

Early next year, sony will launch the PlayStation VR 2, its new virtual reality headset for the PS5, which does not yet have a specific release date. But according to Bloombergoften well informed, the Japanese manufacturer expects very strong demand from its launch.

According to sources close to the project, mass production of PSVR 2 would have started in September and would not (yet) suffer from component supply issues. sony well hope that these worries are finally history from the beginning of next year for his PS5, but concerning his helmet, the Japanese manufacturer plans to produce two million PlayStation VR 2 by March 2023.

The launch should therefore be done without worrying about stocks and, above all, sony obviously has very big ambitions for its next helmet VR. As a reminder, the Playstation-VR of the PS4 had sold one million copies in eight months and its games will not be compatible with the PSVR 2. You can find cards NHP on Amazon.

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