PlayStation VR2: a VR version of Gran Turismo 7 and a port of Beat Saber confirmed!

Despite its many technical qualities, the PlayStation VR 2 will have a big defect: it will not be compatible with the catalog Playstation-VR. This therefore forces the developers to manually carry out a port of their production designed for the PS4 helmet in order to make it playable from that of the PS5.

Many studios have made this effort, moreover often by offering a next gen upgrade free for titles already released, or an offer cross buy for those to come on both generations. It was confirmed during CES 2023 what a big game VR will not miss the call: yes, a version PlayStation VR 2 by Beat Saberthe essential rhythm game with lightsabers, is well under development. The release date has not yet been confirmed, but it is not expected to be available at launch. PSVR 2 on February 22, 2023, and its eventual offer to edition holders PSVR was also not mentioned.

Another announcement, and not the least: Gran Turismo 7 will become compatible PSVR 2 ! The PS5 version, and only this one, will benefit froma free update to be playable in virtual reality and will be deployed on February 22 at the headphone output. A preview of this experience has been shown on video, but we will certainly have to wait to try it for ourselves to appreciate the immersion it offers. Note that, thanks to this information and that made official by the studios in recent weeks, it is now more than 30 games that will be playable on the PlayStation VR 2 at its launch.

Gran Turismo 7 is available from €49.99 on

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