PlayStation VR2: Sony would be revising its results downwards following disappointing pre-orders

Despite its thirty games at launch, the PlayStation VR2 faces obstacles that could prevent it from achieving the results expected by sony, at least initially. The manufacturer knows how difficult it is to sell such an accessory, especially on a fairly limited fleet of consoles (even if we are talking about 30 million PS5s in the wild). That is why for the launch of its headset, Sony hoped to sell 2 million PS VR2s worldwide. A forecast today revised downwards according to Bloomberg sources.

A price too hard to swallow

A partner in contact with Sony for the production of PlayStation VR2 told reporter Takashi Mochizuki that the manufacturer had reduced its orders and would now plan to ship 1 million PlayStation VR2 at launch, then 1.5 million in the coming fiscal yearwhich will be held from April 2023 to March 2024. The reason for this drop is related to lower than expected pre-orderswhich can be explained in several ways.

The main problem seems to come from the launch price of the helmet, which is now more expensive than a PlayStation 5 console (599 €). Such a price is difficult to justify despite the on-board technology, especially when you know that backward compatibility is not on the agenda and that upgrading some titles requires paying an extra €10. Sony still expects Horizon Call of the Mountain allows the headset to achieve good sales, but it will probably not be enough to reach the figures expected a few months ago.

We will know more from February 22, the launch date of this PlayStation VR2.

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