PlayStation would have made a huge decision

Helldivers 2 is still one of the best games of 2024, in addition to being a huge hit on PS5 and PC. But Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony might want to increase the player base even further.

The success and hype around Helldivers 2 are not fading. In March, a few weeks after its official release, the game was the king of the PlayStation Store. Despite the tough competition, the title beat Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Rise of the Ronin in digital sales. According to rumors, the software could have exceeded 10 million copies, but neither Sony nor Arrowhead Game Studios have confirmed the information. And this cardboard also makes another manufacturer quite envious.

Helldivers 2 coming soon to a new console?

If you are looking for an excellent game, and a lot of fun, with friends, Helldivers 2 is the title at the start of the year not to be missed. After a first episode on PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PC, the developers have set the bar even higher. They transformed a “simple” very effective top-down shooter into a simply indispensable TPS. The homage to Starship Troopers (and Terminator) is even stronger, and the battles even more insane thanks to the new point of view. Like the previous one, for the moment, it is only available on PS5 and PC, since it is a Sony Interactive Entertainment license. But that could change if a rumor is to be believed.

According to rumor, Helldivers 2 could be ported to Xbox Series X|S. Later in the year? In 2025? No exit window, as discussions have barely been started by the parties involved.

We know PlayStation has a new CEO right now. I think the latter could be a little more open to certain things. What I’ve heard, but again, it’s only a rumor, is that there may be early discussions to port Helldivers 2 to Xbox.

Via Shpeshal Nick of XboxEra.

Should we believe it? It’s delicate. Shpeshal Nick clearly has more failures to his credit than good scoops. He himself puts more than the forms in the XboxEra podcast, and really insists on the fact that these would only be very early discussions at this stage.

PlayStation open to an Xbox Series X|S port?

Where he is right, however, is his analysis of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s new interim CEO: Hiroki Totoki. The latter clearly stated that he wanted to further improve the profitability of the manufacturer’s production. “In the past, we wanted to democratize a console with exclusives that had the main objective of making it popular. This is the case, but there is a synergy. If you have strong first-party games on your console, but also on other platforms like PC, this can help improve profits. This is something we are working on proactively.” (via Genki_JPN). It is therefore difficult to know if Shpeshal Nick is making an assumption based on such statements, or if there is really a desire to port Helldivers 2 to Xbox Series X|S.

What is certain is that Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, will absolutely not say no. Shortly after the release, he made a rather notable statement about the game being exclusive to the PS5 and PC. “When I look at a game like Helldivers 2 – which is excellent and well done to the studio – I don’t know who benefits from the fact that it’s not on Xbox”. Internet users did not wait to bring out the Starfield exclusivity card, but Phil Spencer still toned down his comments. “…but I understand it. There is a legacy on consoles which means that there are excluded people who do not come out elsewhere. We do the same » (via Game File).

So will Sony also port its current flagship PS5 & PC game to Xbox Series X|S? The future will tell us, but the company has never hidden its ambition to perhaps break the model of exclusivity on multiplayer titles like Helldivers 2.

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