Pleated skirt: Top styled for every occasion with the pleated skirt

Combine pleated skirt
This is how a pleated skirt becomes a stylish outfit

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Pleated skirts exude a certain lightness through their cut. So that you can put these in the limelight, we show you a few tips for combining.

Perfectly styled from head to toe in just a few simple steps? The pleated skirt offers exactly this opportunity. Combined with the right tops, shoes and accessories, you can shine in every season and every occasion. It's not for nothing that the pleated skirt has been celebrated by designers and fashionistas for decades. You should definitely have at least one in your closet. If you are not sure about the color, one in black is safe. From there you can feel your way slowly and, for example, try out more colorful colors in spring and summer. As for the rest of the outfit, we've got a few tips on how you can create an outfit in no time.

Pleated skirt in black or do you prefer colorful?

You can never go wrong with black. If you're not sure what to wear, this classic color is a good choice. Mainly because you can combine so much with it. Be it a patterned top, gaudy shoes or a flashy coat.

Those who dare to be a little more confident and want to use lighter colors, especially in summer, can rely on pastel shades. With their delicate tone, they ensure absolute lightness in the warm seasons. An absolute hit guarantee is also something classic here, namely a pleated skirt in light blue with white stripes. These ensure a real freshness kick in the outfit. Tommy Hilfiger delivers with his Midi pleated skirt a must-have for summer. Because the skirt is cut narrow at the waist and hips and it only expands from the thigh, it also conjures up a stretched silhouette for its wearer.

What can you combine with a pleated skirt?

The ideal look with a pleated skirt depends, among other things, on the season. In general, you can wear almost anything with a pleated skirt, be it a sweatshirt in autumn, a t-shirt in summer, a blouse in spring or a wool sweater in winter.

The question of the occasion also plays a role here. Because if you want a festive outfit in summer, a regular T-shirt with a pleated skirt is rather unsuitable. We therefore recommend using delicate tops for noble occasions, such as a fluttering blouse or a top decorated with lace or crochet – possibly with a carmen neckline for additional elegance.

Fine celebrations are not uncommon in summer and spring. If a wedding celebration or anniversary birthday party takes place in autumn or winter, you have to be prepared for this of course. Since such events generally do not take place outdoors, but in heated rooms, you can of course also fall back on blouses and detailed tops here. At a birthday party, however, you can do without the very noble style and instead, for example, a cream-white pleated skirt with one beaded sweater combine. Alternatively, of course, there is always glitter, usually in the form of sequins.

A jacket against cold arms

You need it in spring, maybe in summer too, in autumn anyway and definitely in winter: a jacket. Their purpose is not just to keep us warm, but to round off the look. If we went outside without a jacket in winter, we would be looked at from an oblique angle. In order not to rob the pleated skirt of its beauty in the cold seasons, the jacket should match the style of the skirt. Be it the color or the fabric and the type of cut. For this reason, we recommend something cozy like a jacket or one coat in a teddy fur look. So the outfit is not too heavy, but you don't have to freeze either.

In summer and spring, however, it can be a little easier. Ideal and classic are natural Denim jacketsthat end at the level of the hip bones. If you want something a bit more chic, then blazers are suitable – tailored or in an oversize look, both are possible and give every outfit that extra style.

The perfect shoes for a pleated skirt

Whether boots, ballerinas, sandals, high heels or subtle boots, the pleated skirt allows many styles and experiments with shoes. The pleated skirt stands for lightness and even has something fairy about it, but you can still combine your boots with a skirt. However, hiking boots do not fall into this category. Suitable boots would be, for example, those in a biker look. If they are lace-up, you should be careful, otherwise the look can quickly look old-fashioned. What works well, in turn, are coarser boots to lace like Dr. Martens.

If you prefer to wear something lighter on your feet in summer, there is a large selection. For the southern look are sandals or Espadrilles the best choice. As is well known, they come in all possible shapes and colors. If you would like to cheat a little bigger, we recommend espadrilles with a heel. If you prefer something more relaxed, then you can focus on the flat version. Maybe even with a little summery pattern and sequins.

What do I combine with a plus-size pleated skirt?

Black makes you slim and light colors make you appear taller? That's not always true! And that's why you don't have to do without pastel shades just because you might be wearing plus size. When choosing a pleated skirt, it only depends on the cut. Because while a skirt that is cut narrow around the hips is beneficial for slimmer people, it actually appears bulky for curvier women. Therefore, it is best to choose a skirt that starts with the waistband and runs down from there. The pleated skirt shouldn't be too wide. Otherwise the hips and thighs may look a bit expansive.

In order to combine the skirt, we recommend avoiding tops with balloon sleeves and instead choose a shirt with narrow-cut sleeves.

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