Pledge as loot – Polish gang stole 265 crates of beer from warehouses

The deposit for 265 empty beer crates was their booty: after extensive surveys, a series of burglaries in the districts of Gmunden and Grieskirchen and shoplifting in various grocery stores were clarified. The Altmünster police station was able to put an end to a Polish group of perpetrators.

The group of perpetrators stole at least 256 empty beverage crates during the break-ins, hid them in nearby corn fields and traded them in small tranches in grocery stores. The two suspects were caught red-handed with another accomplice in a shoplifting on September 29, 2021 and arrested by officers from the State Criminal Police Office and PI Altmünster.

Comprehensive confession
When they were arrested, they agreed to a voluntary inspection in their homes, whereby part of the stolen property could be secured. The accused confessed extensively during the interrogation. Further shoplifting could be proven to them in further investigations. The Wels public prosecutor’s office ordered the two main suspects to be transferred to the Wels prison.

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