Plus belle la vie in advance: what awaits you in episode 132 on Wednesday July 10, 2024 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle”… Jennifer manages to trap Pascal. At the same time, Patrick offers himself the gift of his dreams and Mirta fears losing her sight.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle broadcast Wednesday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Wednesday July 10 in Plus belle la vie, even more beautiful…

Will Mirta go blind?

At the Massalia residence, Mirta is on edge. And for good reason, she is dreading the meeting with the audit. For her part, Yolande is much more serene than her colleague and does not fail to let her know. While Yolande calls the audit a real “shark”, the latter appears behind her and exclaims in a dry tone: “Is the alarm fixed?”

A few minutes later, the audit gives a self-assessment questionnaire of skills to the two women, and asks Mirta to read the first question. Stressed by this request, Mirta answers that she must first go get a pencil, but it turns out that there is already one in front of her.

Yolande, who realizes that something is wrong, deliberately spills her glass of water on the questionnaires. Mirta thanks her discreetly. Once the audit has left, Mirta has no choice but to confess to her colleague that she has vision problems.

She explains to him that his vision continues to deteriorate: “things mix together, colors, contrasts.” Mirta is worried. Could she be going blind?

Patrick fulfills his childhood dream

Babeth has lunch with Luna at the Mistral. Luna asks her friend how Patrick’s midlife crisis is going. Babeth tells her that she has managed to channel her husband through a more fulfilled sexuality. She tells Luna: “I feel like we’re off to a good start.”

At the same time, she receives an alert on her mobile phone informing her that Patrick has just spent 800 euros. Babeth leaves the table before even finishing the meal. Once at the apartment, she asks her husband for an explanation. He tells her that he has decided to live his childhood dream: surfing.

He bought a board and intends to use it today. So, during the afternoon, he attends his first surfing session, in the company of other young novices. Babeth is also there to support her husband.

But while all the young surfers manage to quickly stand up on the board, Patrick remains stuck to the ground. The instructor and the other surfers have no choice but to carry him. Babeth immortalizes the scene with a photo. Will Patrick give up on his dream?

Jennifer manages to escape

At the police station, Samuel discovers that he has been drugged with propofol, the same substance stolen from the doctor’s office. Meïline and Ariane ask him to be doubly vigilant, because the person who did this could be Jennifer. But Samuel remains convinced that his former girlfriend was set up.

Samuel and Ariane take the opportunity to inform Meïline of Jennifer’s true identity. In reality, her name is Ambre Castain. She was born under X, then adopted by a couple of doctors, before they lost their lives in a road accident.

Jennifer, meanwhile, tries to free her hands by cutting the ties with a piece of glass, but it falls to the ground. At the same time, Pascal arrives and removes the scarf she has around her mouth.

He informs her that he has found someone to make them false papers. He wants to run away with her to the seaside and is already dreaming of a new life alongside his little sister.

So that he doesn’t discover the piece of glass, Jennifer asks him to show pictures of the place where he would like to escape. Suddenly, Pascal receives a message informing him of an emergency at the Mistral medical office. He is therefore forced to leave.

Jennifer finds herself alone. And after several attempts, she manages to retrieve the piece of glass, then cut the ties around her hands. Once free, she runs to the front door, but it is locked. She screams at the top of her lungs hoping that a neighbor will come, but in vain.

At the doctor’s office, Pascal receives a visit from… Samuel. His face falls when he discovers that the policeman is still alive. Feeling trapped, Pascal informs Gabriel that he has to go home for an emergency.

When he arrives at his apartment, he notices that Jennifer has disappeared. In reality, the young woman is hiding in the kitchen and manages to run away. Will Pascal catch her? The answer will be in the next episodes of the series Plus belle la vie, encore plus elle.

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