Plus belle la vie: Is Pascal ready to do anything to isolate Jennifer? “We have to worry about everyone” according to Davy Sardou

Davy Sardou made his debut in “Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle” as Pascal, a disturbing nurse who turns out to be Jennifer’s brother. AlloCiné met with the actor to discuss this gripping plot.

In Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle, life is far from being a long, quiet river. And Jennifer (Diane Dassigny) wouldn’t be able to say otherwise. A few weeks ago, she saw her life turned upside down by the arrival at the medical office of Pascal, a new nurse.

The latter has indeed done everything to isolate the young woman from her loved ones. And in the episode of Thursday, July 4, viewers learned with shock that he is in reality Jennifer’s brother, who is seeking revenge following the death of their parents.

And it seems that Pascal is ready to do anything to keep his little sister with him. In the episode of this Monday, July 8, he will indeed try to kill Samuel (Inaki Lartigue) in vain.

To discuss this new plot with multiple twists and turns, AlloCiné spoke with Davy Sardou, who plays the disturbing Pascal. The opportunity to find out what awaits our heroes in the sequel…

You made your debut in Plus belle la vie for this new arc. How did your arrival and your collaboration with Diane go, with whom you share a lot of scenes?

Davy Sardou : As soon as the series resumed on TF1, I auditioned to play another character but I was not selected for reasons of date and availability. And a few weeks later, in February, the production contacted me again to tell me that they had a role for me.

They wanted to know if I would be interested. When I read the description of the character, I said “yes” immediately. I had wanted to return to the film sets for a long time.

Plus belle la vie is a cult series. Between that, the description of the character and the fact of collaborating with Diane who I already knew, everything coincided for me to come on the series.

You have appeared a lot on television but this is the first time with Plus belle la vie that you have a recurring role. What made you want to return to television?

I had never played in a daily, which is still a rather particular shooting rhythm to which one must adapt. It is an excellent school, because it is almost theater.

We shoot so many sequence shots and dense scenes in one day that ultimately the working method is very close to that of theatre. I also really wanted to go back to the film sets.

The theater is mostly in Paris, while most filming is decentralized. So you have to be available to be able to film several days in a row. And until now I wasn’t available. So there, I was really happy that it could happen.

How did the construction of Pascal’s character go? In an interview, you explained that the production was inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer. Were you able to bring your own personal touch to the character?

When the writers created Pascal’s character, they didn’t go in that direction. It was something completely different. And as they developed Pascal’s character, with his past and everything he had stored up in life, we started to draw this character who, in terms of behavior and costumes, was closer to Dahmer.

On the set, we had fun calling me Jeffrey! We always take inspiration from the best and the series had a big impact on me. And so to draw the character of Pascal, we took inspiration from that.

And is it more fun to play a bad guy? Is that what made you want to play this role?

Yes, we have fun. Personally, I love it. Another actor may answer you differently, but I find that there is more roughness in the antagonists. And it’s the same thing in the theater.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t think of a bad character as such. You always have to see the good in your character and find their motivations. But I’ve always liked being on the antagonist’s side rather than the hero’s side.

And then playing the bad guy is a great outlet. It allows you to channel your anger. It’s a great vector in theater, in cinema and on television. We have the right to not be nice, to be mean, to be angry…

As the episodes go by, the viewer learns that Pascal has been in a psychiatric hospital. How did he manage to get out when he doesn’t seem to be doing much better?

So yes, he’s not “that much” better. But when he gets to the doctor’s office, when he’s in social interactions and he puts on the mask of this friendly and warm man, he’s completely normal.

He’s fun and most of the characters fall for it. Riva likes him, Babeth too. He has a real social interaction that’s fun. So for me, that’s how he got out of it.

In the episode of this Monday, July 8, Pascal will try to kill Samuel. Luckily the policeman will get away. Will he attack him again when he finds out that he escaped? Should we be worried about Samuel?

In my opinion, we should be worried about everyone (laughter). I can’t tell you more but yes, Samuel is not out of danger yet. As you may have noticed in the last episodes, Pascal’s modus operandi is to discredit Jennifer in order to isolate her. And by isolating her, he has to separate her from all the people she is close to and who could come between her and her brother.

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