“Plus Belle La Vie”: the end barely formalized, a new beginning already promised

Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri
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10:14 a.m., May 06, 2022

After months of rumors and even a blunder from one of the main actors, the end of the soap opera “Plus Belle La Vie” has been made official by France Télévisions. But the public television group promises to continue to invest at the same level in Marseille productions and announces a spin-off project.

France Télévisions stops indeed Most Beautiful The Life. The information is official this time. The hypothesis had been published last February in Le Figaro and confirmed by mistake by Laurent Kérusoré. It has just been announced by the public television group to the soap opera teams. The broadcast of the last episode is scheduled for next November, after 18 years of existence and more than 4,500 episodes. For addicts to this soap opera, there remains a small consumption batch: they still have 150 episodes ahead of them to say goodbye to their favorite series. The end of the series will result in a special bonus.

Hard blow for the Marseille region

France Télévisions justifies this end of the soap opera by “a need for renewal of the creative offer”, arguing that “the expectations of viewers and the consumption of programs have evolved”. The stoppage of More beautiful life is a blow for loyal viewers, but also for the Marseille region. Indeed, the series weighs heavily in the local economy: 600 jobs and 80 million euros in economic benefits per year.

Consequently, France Télévisions has promised to keep the same budget to continue producing series in the Marseille region. Starting with a spin-off, that is to say a series derived from More beautiful life. This is what the director of the antennas, Stéphane Sitbon Gomez affirms to our colleagues on the site puremedias. This spin-off will be broadcast as a bonus and could become recurring if it is successful.

As for the series itself, nothing prevents it from being taken up elsewhere. It still attracts 2.7 million viewers on average every day, according to figures from Médiamétrie.

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