Podcast. Can we save the planet by fighting obesity and pollution?

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The various pollutions are responsible for 9 million deaths per year in the world, obesity for 5 million: in his book The Suicide of the Species (Of Christmas), doctor Jean-David Zeitoun explains how some of the most serious diseases are now generated by human activities. In the latest IPCC report, UN climate experts believe it is possible to meet our goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while improving global health.

What if the battle for the climate and the fight for better health were strongly linked? Why do human activities generate the most dangerous diseases? What are the activities that most ruin health and the environment? Can we regain life expectancy and a better quality of life by limiting global warming to 1.5°C?

The doctor Jean-David Zeitoun, author of the book

Jean-David Zeitoun is a physician and epidemiologist. He published in 2022 The Suicide of the Species, How Human Activities Are Producing More and More Disease (Of Christmas). He also wrote a history of human health, The Great Extensionpublished in 2021.

You can find here an article on his latest book and a column published in May 2023 in The world on the necessary regulation of the food industry to deal with obesity.

An episode produced by Adèle Ponticelli with the help of Esther Michon, directed by Amandine Robillard. Original music: Amandine Robillard.

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