Podcast episode 1: The Urwyler Files – What does it cost to be a woman?

Charlotte Theile, Franziska Engelhardt, Monika Rufener

Journalists Charlotte Theile, Franziska Engelhardt and Monika Rufener have been accompanying Natalie Urwyler with the microphone for a year. In this episode, they meet the doctor at home in Valais. Together with their mother, Doris Urwyler, they travel back to the beginning of the story. A childhood that made no difference between boys and girls. And a career that went like clockwork for a long time – until everything turned out differently.

The five-part audio documentary “The Urwyler Files” uses the example of a woman to tell where equality will be in Switzerland in 2021. The series shows what discrimination can do in a lifetime – and goes in search of women who have changed something through their efforts.