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In her podcast "It's Time – Women's Voices", author Ildikó von Kürthy speaks to inspiring women about work, love and body awareness – in short: about life! In the first episode she has the writer and director Doris Dörrie as a guest.

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What is "It's about time – women's voices"

What is "Women's Voices" about? It's the podcast for normal-desperate, normal-imperfect, normal-neurotic women. Moving, comforting and encouraging conversations about what matters: sticking out and sticking together. Let go and break up. Lose, seek, find. Conversations with wise and fun-loving women, about insights, views, doubts and fears.

All the consequences at a glance:

Episode 1: Writing for the soul with Doris Dörrie

She is a director, writes screenplays, operas and bestsellers. And she believes that writing is a real blessing. Your book “Leben, Write, Breathe” is a wonderful encouragement to put your own voice on paper and a guide on how to discover new worlds and experience a miracle with the 26 letters of the alphabet.

We talk about diaries that are too beautiful, which take away the courage to write, about Uwe Ochsenknecht's underpants and about the fact that if you get involved in great happiness, you always have to get involved in great pain. It's about memories, paths into our own past and how we can arm ourselves for the future through writing and become the boss of our fate.