PODCAST JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: we decipher the new phenomenon series of Japanese animation

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” leaves no one indifferent! On the occasion of the release on Netflix of the last episodes of the “Stone Ocean” arc, the editorial staff of AlloCiné devoted an issue of its Animeha podcast to the phenomenal animated series!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In broadcast since 2012, this anime quickly won the support of the public, to the point of now occupying a place of choice in the hearts of Japanese animation fans.

Particular in more ways than one, this series is adapted from a cult manga (available from Tonkam/Delcourt editions), which has been published uninterruptedly since… 1986! Managing to renew itself constantly to surprise its readers with its multiple ideas and references, Hirohiko Araki’s work has become over the years a true manga reference!

On the occasion of the broadcast on Netflix of the last episodes of the Stone Ocean arc (season 5), the Animeha podcast team met to discuss the case of this series decidedly like no other!

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  • Journalist – presenter: Clément Cusseau
  • Journalists: Manon Maroufi and Vincent Formica
  • Directed by: Raphael Garcia

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