Podcast. The football Super League fiasco

Forty-eight hours. This was the lifespan of the Football Super League project, an event that should have seen the biggest European football teams compete every year. After the thunderous announcement, on the night of Sunday 17 to Monday 18 April, of the launch of this competition by twelve major European clubs, most of them withdrew from the project over the hours.

What exactly was the Super League and why did the owners of the clubs behind this initiative, by creating this event, want to permanently sever their ties with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)? In this episode of the podcast “L’Heure du Monde”, Clément Martel, journalist at World specialized in sport, returns to this scandal and its repercussions.

An episode produced by Cyrielle Bedu, directed by Amandine Robillard and presented by Jean-Guillaume Santi.

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