Podcast. The stolen dignity of raped women

For the past twenty years, the Central African Republic, a landlocked country in the heart of the African continent, has lived at the rate of armed conflicts. Since 2013, the situation has worsened and it sank into an endless political and security crisis. In this particularly harsh and unstable context, the civilian population is suffering. And first of all, the women. Every day, women are subjected to violence. Sexual violence – such as rape or sexual slavery – but also domestic violence – excision, forced marriages – and even violence linked to poorly supervised and poorly monitored deliveries …

For the 4th episode of the podcast “Women in struggle, a global fight”, The world traveled to the Central African Republic to discover the “Nengo” project. A project inspired by that of Dr Mukwege in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and supported by the French Development Agency (AFD), the aim of which is to restore the dignity of women victims of sexual or gender-based violence. A fight that echoes the work of Céline Bardet, interviewed in this episode. She is an international lawyer specializing in crimes and in 2014 founded the NGO “We Are Not Weapons of War”.

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An episode directed by François-Charles Domergue, co-written by Elodie Ratsimbazafy and Joséfa Lopez, produced by Joséfa Lopez for Le Monde and Thomas Baumgartner for Wave.audio. Narration: Julie Gayet. Sound identity: François-Charles Domergue. Report: Laureline Savoye. Graphic identity: Mélina Zerbib, Solène Reveney. Voice-over: video team from Le Monde. Editorial preparation: Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Joséfa Lopez, Charlotte Bozonnet. Partnerships: Sonia Jouneau, Marianne Wachowiak, Valérie de l’Hortet, Hélène Guinaudeau. Partner: French Development Agency.

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“Women in Struggle, a Global Fight” is a podcast in five episodes on feminisms, produced by the teams of World and World Africa, in partnership with the French Development Agency. To listen on lemonde.fr and on streaming platforms.

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