Podcast “What The Finance?” # 47 with Susanne Krehl: Fintech

What The Finance? # 47 What are fintechs anyway?

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Podcast host Anissa has come across the term “Fintech” since she began researching “What The Finance”. But what are fintechs actually – and how are they changing our finance and banking industry?

Fintech: It has something to do with the financial sector, technology and digitization – but is that all? The term is everywhere and it sounds like it is about something really exciting and, above all, important for our future.

So it’s time for a podcast about fintechs – and the guest is the great Susanne Krehl, who not only founded a fintech but is also very active in networking throughout the industry.

Here is “What The Finance?”
You can find the podcast here – to continue listening directly in the podcast player of your choice. Anissa publishes content for each episode Instagramso that the listeners can discuss the posts, ask questions and network. There are also tips for further financial reading on gettotext.de and the Financial events of the BRIGITTE Academy.


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