Podcast. Why is France experiencing labor shortages?

Since the end of September, the British have struggled to obtain fuel and goods of all kinds, due to a shortage of truck drivers. The situation is so tense that the government has had to call on foreign drivers, then the army, to try to alleviate this labor shortage.

Brexit is part of the reason for this, but the UK is not the only country seriously short of manpower – and the truck driver sector is not the only one affected by the shortage.

In this episode of the podcast “L’Heure du Monde”, Jules Thomas, specialist in employment issues at World, explains how the pandemic has exacerbated the problem and why this crisis is an important issue for governments to resolve.

An episode produced by Cyrielle Bedu, directed by Amandine Robillard and presented by Morgane Tual.

“Time of the World”

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