Podcast. Women and sexuality, such a discreet learning

Family planning. This name sounds like a myth. Since its creation in 1960, the association has supported and encouraged all feminist struggles and women’s struggles for the right to dispose of their bodies. Right to contraception, abortion, sexuality education, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) … The functions of Planning are numerous and essential for many young women – and young boys – who come to consult. Looking for an attentive ear, advice, support.

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For this 5th episode of the podcast “Women in struggle, a world struggle”, narrated by Julie Gayet, The world went to meet those who support the Family Planning of Drôme, in Valence. Counselors, psychologists, social workers who work every day to speak freely about sexuality. In front of them, young people who push the door and confide, reassured by the promise of gratuity and anonymity.

A daily that decrypts in this episode Nathalie Bajos, sociologist, demographer, research director at Inserm and co-responsible for the national survey on sexualities and sexual health.

An episode directed by François-Charles Domergue, co-written by Elodie Ratsimbazafy and Joséfa Lopez, produced by Joséfa Lopez for Le Monde and Thomas Baumgartner for Wave.audio. Narration: Julie Gayet. Sound identity: François-Charles Domergue. Report: Judith Chétrit. Graphic identity: Mélina Zerbib, Solène Reveney. Voice-over: video team from Le Monde. Editorial preparation: Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Joséfa Lopez, Charlotte Bozonnet. Partnerships: Sonia Jouneau, Marianne Wachowiak, Valérie de l’Hortet, Hélène Guinaudeau. Partner: French Development Agency.

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“Women in Struggle, a Global Fight” is a podcast in five episodes on feminisms, produced by the teams of World and World Africa, in partnership with the French Development Agency. To listen on lemonde.fr and on streaming platforms.

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