Pointed cabbage recipes: Delicate fit-maker for the winter

When is pointed cabbage season?

Pointed cabbage is harvested in Germany from May to around December. The first imports from France will come in April. Pointed cabbage is the first type of cabbage that is harvested each year.

What types of pointed cabbage are there?

Pointed cabbage belongs to the large family of head cabbage species and is closely related to white cabbage. But it forms a somewhat smaller, conical head that tapers towards the top. The individual leaves of pointed cabbage lie loosely on top of each other and the head of cabbage is not that heavy and firm.

What should be considered when buying pointed cabbage?

The outer leaves should be green and crisp. Yellow discoloration of the leaves is a sign that the pointed cabbage has been stored for a long time.

How is pointed cabbage stored?

Because of its delicate structure, pointed cabbage does not keep as long as white cabbage. It is best to wrap the head in a damp cloth and put it in the refrigerator, then it will keep for two to five days.

How is pointed cabbage prepared?

Pointed cabbage can be eaten raw, steamed or braised. The outer leaves are always removed first. If whole leaves are needed for a recipe, carefully cut the leaves off at the bottom of the stem with a sharp knife. Cut out the thick leaf veins in a wedge shape. Very young pointed cabbage leaves need z. B. not be pre-cooked for cabbage rolls. They are so soft that they can be rolled up without breaking. For cabbage vegetables or salads, quarter the pointed cabbage and cut out the hard stalk. Cut the pointed cabbage quarters into fine strips.

What are the nutritional values ​​of pointed cabbage?

Just under 20 kilocalories are contained in 100 grams of pointed cabbage. A special feature of all types of head cabbage is their ascorbic content, a precursor of vitamin C. It is only when they are cooked that vitamin C is formed. The daily requirement is already covered with a portion of boiled cabbage. Pointed cabbage also provides vitamins B1, B2, potassium and beta-carotene.

For which recipes is pointed cabbage used?

The fine leaves are particularly suitable for cabbage rolls, also known as cabbage rolls. Pointed cabbage also tastes good in vegetable stews, casseroles, cabbage soups or as a fine coleslaw. Its taste is slightly reminiscent of kohlrabi and is finer than other types of cabbage.

Tip: It is best to eat dishes with pointed cabbage fresh. When warmed up, pointed cabbage loses part of its delicate aroma. Pointed cabbage is much better tolerated and less flatulent than other types of cabbage. However, it is better to avoid pointed cabbage if you have stomach and intestinal diseases.