Pokémon: A fan achieves a feat while … crochet!

Fans of the Pokémon license are not lacking in imagination and never cease to surprise us with creations that are as original as each other. The latest is an impressive collection of Pokémon, knitted by the careful hands of a Reddit user by the name of pokemonhook. What is even more surprising is that she counts well make all existing pokemonexclusively crochet.

Gotta hook them all!

For the moment and since 2015, the knitter has made no less than 503 Pokémon, out of the 905 existing in total. So that’s more than half, and the Reddit user is doing pretty well. She even made a video showing all of her creations, from Branette, knitted in 2015, to Crocrodil, her latest creation.

The knitter is characterized by a more than incredible consistency, for not having abandoned her project for all these years. In addition, all his creations are handmade and without real model other than an image of the Pokémon in question. While it reached half of the full Pokédex 5 months ago, it remains today for the user about 400 Pokémon to knit in order to achieve its ultimate goal.

Proof of the quality of her work, she has already participated in several Pokemon crochet contests (yes, it exists), in the United States. For the 2022 TCG art contest, a competition of various Pokémon art works, she presented a carefully knitted Scizor.

A Pokédex that just keeps getting longer

This is the problem pokemoncrochet may encounter. Indeed, Pokémon games are very successful and Nintendo continues to announce the release of new productions from the license. This year 2022, a total of two Pokémon video games will be released: Pokémon Legends Arceus, as well as the future Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

While the first Pokémon game of the year, released on January 28, had taken over for its Pokédex species already existing in previous games, Scarlet & Violet will introduce the ninth generation of Pokémon, with three adorable starters who have already been unveiled.

On average, a hundred Pokémon are created per generation, enough to significantly lengthen the list of our knitter. A challenge that does not scare him and which will no doubt continue to fuel her passion for crochet. One thing is certain, we will closely follow the progress of his large collection!

Pokémon Legends Arceus has conquered the hearts of fans by offering to discover the Hisui region and its history, but did you know that the legends do not stop there since The Pokémon Company has revealed details about the animated series called Pokémon: snows of Hisui.

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