Pokemon fans are snapping up this toy in China

Pokémon and fried chicken fans are going crazy after an exclusive toy is found in China, being offered at KFC restaurants across the country.

It’s not uncommon to see purpose-built toys offered on children’s menus at fast food chains. The big trend of the moment is in China where Pokémon fans have discovered three new toys representing Psyduck and Pikachu. The adorable migraine duck is indeed becoming a completely viral phenomenon in China where these toys are snapped up until the last.

On March 21, KFC unveiled its Psyduck dancer and since then the Internet has taken it over, especially on Weibo, the Chinese social network where videos with him have multiplied.

The toy in question, sold with its small base, dances when you press a button. He then puts his paws in the air and wiggles adorably from side to side.

Is it possible to get this toy outside of China?

As reported Radii China, this little Psyduck is currently out of stock and no matter how hard you try to lick your fingers to get it, it may be elusive for a while. It must be recognized that seeing him do his little dance, we quickly understand why so many people seek to have his.

Alongside the two Pikachu toys released to celebrate International Children’s Day in China, each “Children’s Day” menu included one of these toys at random. However, the “Big Bucket” menu made it possible to obtain the three toys at once to be sure to leave with his Psyduck.

So, and even though the toy in question was originally only available in China, plenty of listings have started to emerge on sites like eBay and brace yourself because prices aren’t given. At the time of writing these lines, there are, for example, two offers at $99 and $120, just that.

It is not yet known whether KFC plans to release identical toys in North America or Europe, but given its growing popularity in China, it would not be surprising if the marketing plan of the famous Colonel Sanders is revised upwards to give fans what they expect.


The bids are already starting to climb for this adorable Psyduck

Until then, we recommend that you turn to family or friends who live in China and could send you the precious sesame. Provided, of course, that the adorable dancing Psyduck isn’t out of order…

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