Pokémon Go: Glitch Ruins Solochi Community Day

Many Pokémon Go players were looking forward to the Community Day event but a glitch caused Solochi to disappear.

Pokémon Go fans have struggled to fully enjoy the latest events hosted by Niantic. With the exception of Adventure Week, the last events really disappointed the community because of glitches, reduced time or even few Shiny to find.

During Solochi Community Day, which fell victim to the changes made to the game in March, players were able to encounter a lot of Shiny Pokémon, but a frustrating bug ruined the party.

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A spawn glitch was already present during Pokémon Go Fest 2022 and many players logically complained about it. Although this issue hadn’t happened since then, it returned on Community Day in June.

Reddit user p33k4y recorded his game during the event to report the bug. We can see that three Solochi appeared near the trainer but when he wanted to confront them, they disappeared.

Niantic previously clarified that this was just a visual bug during Go Fest.

“Infamous Instant Spawn Cancel “Visual Bug” Returns on Solochi Community Day”

However, while Community Days are usually only three hours long, players were able to have fun for an extra three hours in order to spawn more Solochi, which is a welcome gesture. But the problems continued when the evolution form of Solochi (Diamat) could not appear in Shiny.

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