Pokémon Go: his house is an incredible spawn

Pokémon Go players were shocked to discover a Pokémon spawn at a player’s house with dozens of creatures.

The concept of Pokémon Go is quite simple: you go out of your house to capture Pokémon. Which changes Pokémon RPG games that have lasted for decades but where you can quietly stay at home, warm.

But one trainer realized he didn’t even have to leave his home to capture Pokémon on his smartphone with dozens of creatures waiting at his doorstep.


Some players don’t even have to leave their homes to capture Pokémon!

On Reddit, the player who encountered this incredible hotspot shared his experience with a dozen Pokémon that he could capture on his doorstep.

“I live in the middle of nowhere but for some reason my house is such an amazing hotspot for Pokémon. Does anyone know why? ”

Tens of thousands of trainers reacted to this atypical post because it is so rare to see such a grouping of Pokémon, especially where your house is located.

But this is not necessarily a gift, as the player has revealed that their PokéBall supply is limited and therefore cannot capture all the Pokémon that are camping in front of their home.

It’s always better than nothing, with some players even having PokéStops close to their house. The best is still to go out to tour your city to visit several PokéStops, arenas and meet new Pokémon!

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