Pokémon: Mystery Gift Codes, event items

The Mystery Gifts are back with Sparkling Diamond Pokémon and Sparkling Pearl! They allow you to recover objects, statues of the Great Underground in particular, and Pokémons, offered by Nintendo.

How to unlock the Mystery Gift option on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

To avoid abuse, the Mystery Gifts are not accessible from the start of the game. Rest assured, there are two solutions. From the third city of the game and before the first badge for the first, while waiting a little for the second, since it is enough simply to obtain the Voilaroc Combat badge.

If you wish to collect your codes and gifts directly, you will have to go to the Feli-TV. Going up to the second floor, you will find two NPCs side by side. Talk to the one on the left and answer the “ALL HAPPY WIFI CONNECTION” survey. If you already have the Mystery Gift option, it will give you a few random Seals instead.

Codes & Distributions in progress

ILCA and Nintendo offer and will offer many distributions. The first buyers were thus able to benefit from Pokéballs (Rapide Balls if purchase of the game alone, 200 Pokéballs in a pack) and a Manaphy (by reproduction, of the Phiones). The limit is one purchase per Nintendo Switch Online account and a deadline is February. Also, you will need to have an active subscription (Expansion pack not required).

With passwords open to all, several codes are still available. It is not known whether these are time-limited. However, given the name of the second, taking risks is not prudent:

  • BDSPUNDERGR0UND : Statues for undergrounds
  • MERRYCHR1STMAS : Statues for undergrounds

Be careful, the 0’s are zeros here. You can find all the updates on the Nintendo side & codes via this article. Finally, note that owners of Sword / Shield or Let’s Go games can directly obtain Mew and Jirachi in Floraville, without going through the Mystery Gift option.

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