Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are already exploding sales records even though they haven’t been released!

The release of the two Pokémon Scarlet and Violet opuses is fast approaching and it seems that fans of the license are eager to dive into the Paldea region to discover all the new little creatures there. On the program: an open world that can be explored by up to four players, new arenas and three new starters so adorable that we wonder how we are going to choose only one.

In short, all the regulars of Pokémon are ready to test the next opus and while we suspected that the number of pre-orders was going to be quite high, we did not imagine that it would be to this point!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are already breaking records!

While it hasn’t even been released yet, the next game from Nintendo’s license is already accomplishing real feats. The information comes to us from a Twitter user by the name of @Pierre485_ who recently analyzed the number of pre-orders within a Japanese chain specializing in video games called COMG. To be even more precise, the budding analyst studied the figures of the fourteen COMG stores located in a particular region, that of Niigata. Although these are in a province that does not include the capital, they are completely representative of the Japanese market.

If this chain of stores interests us so much, it is because it has just recorded monumental figures for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple: more than 1200 pre-orders 13 days before the game’s release. Although this figure may seem minimal, when it is extrapolated to the scale of the country by the user in question, it represents over 1.2 million pre-orders.

In addition to all this, Scarlet and Violet broke many records at COMG, including those of most pre-ordered Pokémon game on Switch as well as most pre-ordered Switch production 14 days from release. In comparison and two weeks before their sale to the general public, the other Nintendo Switch games had recorded much lower figures:


What could be the cause of such enthusiasm?

The reasons can be multiple, but many lean towards the next generation of pokemon which is often teased. For the past few months, The Pokémon Company teams have been gradually revealing new little creatures, such as the adorable Mordudor revealed yesterday. The mysterious antennae Pokémon is therefore a lover of gold coins and has two different forms: a “walking form” and a “chest form”.

As you will have understood, the company maintains the suspense by gradually communicating information on this next opus now more than expected. This was also the case for arena champions and more particularly Mashynn, whose favorite Pokémon was teased through a riddle. An original and above all very effective communication that has kept fans of the license around the world in suspense for a few months already. After the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus at the beginning of the year, the new project of The Pokémon Company will allow players to find a more “classic” system with the presence of arenas, dotted with new features that we are all eager to discover!

The teaser with the mysterious coins and golden Pokéstops on Pokémon GO, as well as the official website, finally allow us to know the identity of the new Pokémon of 9G on Scarlet and Purple!

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