Pokémon Scarlet / Violet: The new Pokémon Tag-Tag comes to tag the landscapes of Paldea

Between two Pokémon Presents, it seems that The Pokemon Company would like to reveal to us the new Pokémon of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple sparingly. A few days ago, we discovered the existence of Motorizard, and since then a few teasers have been released recently to let us know that a new species will soon be revealed. It is ultimately about Tag-Tag (Grafaiai in English), described as a Venom Monkey Pokémon.

The hidden little brother of Queulioror

Tag-Tag is therefore presented through two videos, where we can see it as being mainly a nocturnal Pokémon, which can coat its fingers with poison by licking them, which also allows it to draw on trees. Here are its characteristics:

  • Category : Pokémon Monkey Venom
  • Kind : Poison/Normal
  • Cut : 0.7m
  • Weight : 27.2kg
  • talent: Shedding / Toxitouch
  • Official description: Tag-Tag is a moody and fussy Pokémon. He does not live in packs and prefers to roam alone. It is constantly found involved in territorial disputes with other Pokémon.

A new Pokémon that we can therefore come across in Paldea and that we can capture during our adventures. It is not known whether an evolution of this Pokémon is planned or not.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple will be released on November 18, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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