Pokemon Sword and Shield: Fossil Guide

Finding fossils can be a tedious task, but don’t worry, we’ll show you where you can find them in Pokémon Sword and Shield and explain the different combinations.

The Galar Region is a vast place, and no one knows it better than trainers looking to complete their pokedex by searching every corner of the map.

There are many little tricks or secrets to discover in the game, such as how to do evolve Fluvetin. However, finding fossils is perhaps one of the easiest quests to complete, provided you understand how it works. The good news is that by completing your Archaeologist research, you will complete part of your Pokédex.

You will regularly return to see these two brothers

For those who don’t already know, there are four different types of fossils, it is possible to get them all, whatever your version. So let’s see which ones you can find and use.

All Pokémon Sword and Shield Fossils

  • Fin Fossil
  • Fossil Bird
  • Dragon Fossil
  • Fossil Fish

You will find your first fossils near the specialist on Route 6 (shiny object to retrieve next to a rock) as well as at Old Chister in the Pokémon Center. Talk to the NPC on the left to get two more.

The Hole Brothers

These fossils will be given to you randomly during their excavation in the Wilderness. To do this, simply go near the Hole Brothers, the two NPCs equipped with shovels and digging equipment.

Thanks to them, and in exchange for 500 W for each excavation carried out, you will be able to obtain certain objects, sometimes rare, drawn from the Wild Lands. You can see where they are located via the map just below.

Game FreakHole Brothers location

If the cost of these excavations may seem high, know that at a certain stage of the adventure, you will get a lot more W from the caves, so do not hesitate to spend them.

The different combinations of fossils

In order to bring these fossils to life, you will need to use two different ones from Alba Minçalor, a scientist located just before Old Chister on Route 6. This one is at the very top left near a strange machine.


Game Freak

Fossil Bird + Dragon Fossil

Kind : Electric and Dragon


Game Freak

Fossil Bird + Fin Fossil

Kind : Electric and Ice


Game Freak

Fossil Fish + Dragon Fossil

Kind : Water and Dragon


Game Freak

Fossil Fish + Fin Fossil

Kind : Water and Ice

According to the first feedback from players, some fossils are more or less rare from one version to another. Nevertheless, it is possible to obtain these four pokémon with a little perseverance (and a lot of Watts).

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