Pokémon Unite: This fan-favorite evolution is coming to the game soon!

In the Pokémon sphere, several games play cards on the table. Among them, you find Pokémon GO whose PvP is gaining momentum, Pokémon Sword and Shield which are the official games for competitions on the main titles and there remains the youngest, Pokémon Unite. The latter continues his journey and he will also have the right to his new fighter very soon.

Mentali arrives in the arena!

If you have followed the news around the TiMi Studios title, you have not missed the latest leaks which reveal a lot of things like new game modes, but especially the next two probable fighters. Among them we have another evolution. Mentali was listed and the announcement was not long in coming since today we had the formalization of his arrival within the roster of the MOBA. If you hope to know everything about this Pokémon, it will not be possible at the moment since no trailer has been released with this announcement. On the other hand, we have the date on which it will be playable. For this you have to wait for the Monday, May 16.

All we know about him is that he will be a attacking from a distance and that it will of course be of the Psychic type. Just like for Nymphali, it will be necessary to have reaches level 4 with Eevee so that the latter evolves into Mentali. Its price should be the same as for Nymphali and so what would give us these amounts.

  • 10,000 Aeos Coins
  • 575 Aeos Gems

What to expect from the sequel in Pokémon Unite?

We could debate his list of attacks for hours. Between Psyko, Rafale Psy, Rayon Signal, Ball’Ombre or other attacks that he can learn, there is a package, but rather than lingering on it. Let’s see what might happen next since this is the second Eevee evolution to join the cast. We can imagine that the others will arrive sooner or later. This indication nevertheless raises the question of the multiplication of combatants. For example, will Feunard arrive in his Kanto form as well or only Eevee will be entitled to this preferential treatment so that all players can play each of his evolutions? In any case, if the leaks turn out to be true, the next to join the arena will be Fennec and its developments, Roussil and Goupelin.

The latest press release about Pokémon Unite has been released and we discover a novelty that may or may not delight you, it is the addition of a paid subscription. Discover the details about it in this news.

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