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The Polish president wants to tighten laws against homosexuals a little more. He wants to enshrine in the Constitution the ban on adopting for gay couples …

As the world opens up, Poland is sinking more and more into homophobia. The current president, candidate for the current presidential election, Andrzej Duda, is known for his homophobic positions and, on Saturday July 4, 2020, he went even further. He affirmed his will to include in the country's Constitution the ban on adopting for gay couples, reports AFP.

"In the Polish Constitution, it should be explicitly stated that it is forbidden to adopt to anyone in a homosexual relationship", said Andrzej Duda at an election rally. The conservative and nationalist candidate for the Law and Justice party said: "to ensure the safety of a child and a correct education, and so that the Polish State safeguards the rights of children […], I believe that such a provision should exist". Tomorrow, Monday, July 6, he will sign a presidential draft amendment to the Constitution and present it to Parliament.

In Poland, only 9% of citizens say they are in favor of adoption by same-sex couples, and 29% are in favor of marriage for all, according to a 2019 survey by the CBOS institute quoted by AFP. While Andrzej Duda won the first round of the election on June 29, he adopted homophobic rhetoric throughout his campaign. Last month, for example, he said he wanted to fight against "LGBT ideology" which, according to him, "a new ideology even more destructive" than communism. His opponent, Rafal Trazskowski, a member of the Liberal-Conservative Civic Platform party, provided moderate support for the LGBTQI + community. While he also said he was opposed to adoption, he said he was open to the question of creating civil partnerships for gay couples.

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