Polemicist Alex Jones ordered to pay $965 million to families of Sandy Hook victims

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(Reuters) – U.S. far-right polemicist Alex Jones will be ordered to pay $965 million to families of victims of the Sandy Hook shootings, a Connecticut jury has ruled.

Based on conspiracy theories, Alex Jones claimed that there had never been a shooting and accused the victims of being actors.

The decision was made in Connecticut, not far from the Sandy Hook Elementary school where the massacre occurred in December 2012. Twenty children and six school staff members died.

If he has since admitted being wrong, Alex Jones has claimed for years that it was a set-up by the government in its fight against firearms.

He has already been sentenced in August to pay 49.3 million dollars to relatives of victims by a court in Texas, the state where Infowars is domiciled, the website he uses to disseminate his theories.

(Jack Queen and Tom Hals; French version Nicolas Delame)

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