Police are looking for witnesses – Dead deer beheaded in someone else’s area

A hunter made a shocking discovery in his hunting area in Schattwald in the Tyrolean Ausserfern on Saturday. In the days before, unknown perpetrators expertly severed the heads of dead deer and took the heads and antlers with them. The carcasses were left behind. The police are looking for witnesses.

Unknown people in Schattwald, about 20 meters above the embankment on Tannheimer Straße, caused a lot of discontent. Between October 4th and 14th, they probably beheaded two deer that died in a territorial or rutting fight. The heads were professionally severed and the antlers were taken away. The decaying carcasses were left behind. The hunting tenant suffered damage of a currently unknown amount. Please contact the Grän police station on 059133/7153.
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