Police are looking for witnesses – the driver hit the girl (12) and fled

A collision between an unknown driver and a 12-year-old cyclist on Monday afternoon in St. Johann in Tirol had bad consequences. The driver only stopped briefly, but then fled the scene of the accident without taking care of the girl. In Innsbruck, too, a car driver drove on without stopping. The police are now looking for witnesses.

At around 3:15 p.m., the stranger’s car drove out of the recycling center in St. Johann onto Salzburgerstrasse. He caught the 12-year-old cyclist. The girl fell and suffered serious injuries as a result of the collision. Your bike was damaged. Driver fled According to the police, the driver only stopped briefly and then continued his journey. He did not leave his details, nor did he take care of the injured 12-year-old. The police are now looking for witnesses. Relevant information to the police inspection in St. Johann in Tirol is requested on Tel. 059133/7208. Similar incident in Innsbruck A similar accident occurred in the provincial capital a week ago. At that time, a 28-year-old Austrian woman was hit with her bicycle on Anton Rauch Street. The driver of the car overtook the cyclist, who had to dodge the sidewalk and fell. The 28-year-old suffered minor injuries. The driver of the car may not have noticed the accident and drove on. Witnesses are now required to report to the police. Relevant information to the Innsbruck traffic inspection on Tel. 059133/7591.
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