Police are looking for witnesses – thug beats local guest on the operating table

After a brutal attack in a nightspot in Innsbruck, which had already occurred on Saturday, the police are now looking for witnesses: A 27-year-old German was attacked and injured by a stranger with a drinking glass. The victim even had to undergo an operation.

The attack occurred on Saturday, around 2.40 a.m., in a nightclub in Innsbruck’s old town. “The 27-year-old German suddenly received a slap in the face with a drinking glass from a hitherto unknown man for reasons that have not yet been clarified,” reported the police. The local guest suffered injuries and even had an eye operation in the Innsbruck clinic Witnesses should report In the course of the investigation, the racket has not yet been investigated. The police are therefore hoping for possible witnesses to the incident who “were in the bar area and on the dance floor on the lower level of the nightclub at the time of the crime.” Useful information to the Innsbruck-Saggen police station on 059 133/7589.
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