Police Berlin: A viral hit with the voice of Bruce Willis

Berlin police
With the voice of Bruce Willis to a viral hit

With the video "110% Berlin" the Berlin police are looking for offspring.

© Berlin police

Funny image campaign by the Berlin police: Bruce Willis's voice is currently on the Internet to catch youngsters for the authority.

Image films from state institutions tend to be a little embarrassing. Not so the latest recruiting spot for the Berlin police, which is currently developing into a real viral hit online. In the one-minute spot "110% Berlin", the capital's law enforcement officers primarily want to address young people who can imagine training with the police. What is special: actor and dubbing actor Manfred Lehmann (76), known as the voice of Bruce Willis (65), was won as a speaker.

"Bruce Willis" praises Berlin as the "coolest city in the world" and leads through the film with a lot of irony. Of course you can also show dog squadrons, SEK commandos or the forensics department (and do so), but the police are actually about attitude, equality and respect. "ACAB", actually the abbreviation for "All Cops Are Bastards", rather stands for "All Colors Are Beautiful". The video was published on the official YouTube channel of the Berlin police, among other things, and has already attracted numerous positive comments.

Among other things, it says: "Finally the advertising is appealing!" The clip was "super successful" and "very motivating". There is almost no criticism of the video. At the same time as the video, the homepage www.110prozent.berlin was activated, where interested parties can apply to the police. But even for those who don't want that, there is good news from the Berlin police: "If you think we're totally stupid: We'll protect you anyway."