Police noticed scent – cannabis plantation exposed when letter was delivered

While police officers were delivering a police summons to a 45-year-old from Klagenfurt on Thursday, they noticed a strong smell of cannabis pouring from the recipient’s apartment. In the premises, the officers quickly found the cause …

On Thursday at around 4.35 p.m., police officers rang the bell of a 45-year-old from Klagenfurt to deliver a police summons to him. When he opened the apartment door, the officers immediately smelled a strong smell of cannabis. The police finally found what they were looking for in the man’s apartment. The man from Klagenfurt operated an indoor plantation with nine cannabis plants on his premises. “In addition, 300 grams of ready-to-smoke cannabis herb and narcotic paraphernalia were seized,” the police said. The 45-year-old is shown.
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