Police on duty – Jason case: Few participants in demo in front of school

The excitement over the case of nine-year-old Jason, who wrote an expertise test in sub-zero temperatures outdoors, culminated Tuesday morning in a demonstration at the elementary school in Voitsberg, Styria. The influx was low, it was mainly people from the Corona countermeasures scene. The rally passed without incident.

Probably not even 50 people came to the demonstration near the Voitsberg elementary school on Tuesday morning, which has been in the headlines for days due to the case of the refused mask exemption certificate and Jason’s voluntary test in front of the school building. According to the police, the organizers are known in the region, they are leading the protests against the Corona measures here. Dozens of police officers are on site. “The school opened earlier today to spare the children the pictures. There are other access routes and entrances,” said police spokesman Markus Lamb. A barrier separates the demonstrations from the school grounds, which the protesters are not allowed to enter. This is how the bizarre photos came about. Again, the background to the case: Jason’s parents presented a mask exemption certificate for their son at the end of the Christmas holidays. It was issued by a doctor from Graz who was known for his anti-vaccination attitude. The school management therefore wanted to check the certificate and not let Jason attend class without a mask – despite a currently valid negative PCR test. On Friday, the education department then decided: The certificate will not be recognized! According to his parents, however, the boy really wanted to take a learning objective survey in general studies because he had prepared for it for a long time. So that day we went to school. The class teacher finally agreed that the nine-year-old could write the 15-minute test, which, by the way, is not graded, in front of the open window to the class. The parents also agreed, emphasizes the education department. No consequences for the director and teacher The parents took photos of the bizarre situation – these spread like wildfire on social media. The Education Directorate checked the “unfortunate” incident, but there are no legal consequences for the director and teacher. The boy is now attending another school and has to wear a mask there because the certificate is not recognized. Star lawyer is involved The incident could still have legal consequences: The Austrian Child Protection Alliance turned to star lawyer Nikolaus Rast, who now legally represents the family in the case. He wants to file a criminal complaint against the director – for violating the duty of supervision. “The child was registered at the school at the time of the test, the mask exemption certificate was available and had not yet been revoked – the school therefore clearly had a duty of supervision.” says Hermann Zoller, the pedagogical head of the Styrian education department. “You can imagine how they are doing now.” Bernhard Just, deputy director of the education department, emphasized once again that what happened “went unfortunate” but that the women “cannot be accused of misconduct in the legal sense”. Both had traveled to western Styria on Tuesday morning together with psychologists to support the children and educators. Raising awareness among teachers In the future, there will be even more discussions and preventive measures: “From now on, we will increasingly point out in the headmaster meetings that special sensitivity is appropriate in the context of the pandemic and an integrative pedagogy has priority,” says Zoller. Those responsible from Graz showed little understanding for the demonstrators: “This is definitely the wrong place for such an action,” said Just to the “Krone”.
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