Politicians demand: Delete the Luca app from your cell phones

Things are getting tighter for the Luca app. (Image source: GIGA)

The Mainz police used unauthorized data from the Luca app to search for witnesses. The operators of Luca affirm their innocence. Nevertheless, politicians from several parties are calling for the app to be deleted from smartphones.

The police in Mainz used data from the Luca app without a legal basisto search for witnesses to a death. The system behind Luca was illegally queried to look for people who were in a restaurant at the time of the accident. The public prosecutor’s office has now admitted the misuse of personal data.

Luca app: Sharp criticism after the police acted

Now there is criticism from almost all sides of the Mainz police, but also of the Luca app itself (source: heise online). Politicians of the Greens and the FDP urge users to Remove the app from their phones. Also the expiring contracts with the company behind Luca should not be extended, so the demand. The state of Baden-Württemberg has paid 3.7 million euros for the one-year use of the license, but would like to continue the cooperation despite the new allegations.

That the Costs are not related to benefits thinks, among other things, the pirate party Rhineland-Palatinate. The “data collection mania” would “arouse desires” in the authorities. Warnings from the parties and the Chaos Computer Club were ignored. The Corona warning app is the better alternative, especially since it can also handle Luca QR codes.

In the video: This is how the Luca app works.

Luca-App: Operators affirm their innocence

The makers of the Luca app say they have “No knowledge of the incident“Had. According to them, the procedure of the Mainz police is an “abuse of the data collected for infection protection”. The health department and the restaurant concerned “simulated” a case of infection in order to enable the police to access data (source: Luca).

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