Polls for the election in Berlin: Good chances for red-green-red – FDP must tremble

Polls for the election in Berlin
Good chances for red-green-red – FDP must tremble

Will everything remain as it is, or will the repeat elections in the capital lead to changes in the government? According to surveys, the governing parties SPD, Greens and Left can once again achieve a stable majority. It’s just not enough for another possible alliance.

A good week before the repeat elections to the Berlin House of Representatives, polls put the CDU clearly ahead. In a survey for ZDF, the Christian Democrats from lead candidate Kai Wegner came to 24 percent. The SPD of Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey follows with 21 percent, followed by the Greens with 18 percent. The left would come in fourth with eleven percent, ahead of the AfD with ten percent. The FDP is seen at six percent and would thus just barely make it into the state parliament.

The results roughly correspond to those of an ARD survey from the previous day: the CDU even saw this at 25 percent, the SPD at 19 percent, and the Greens at 18 percent. The left was twelve percent, AfD and FDP, like ZDF, came to ten and six percent respectively. None of the other parties should be there that would achieve at least three percent.

Polls show stable majority for governing parties

A red-green-red coalition currently governs in Berlin, in which the Green Bettina Jarasch is Senator for the Environment and Transport. The three governing parties come together according to the ZDF survey to 72 seats. 66 are needed for an absolute majority in the House of Representatives. In the ARD survey there are 70 seats for red-green-red.

An alliance of CDU and SPD does not have a majority in either poll – but only just: Both achieve 65 seats on ZDF, 63 on ARD. Even with a majority, it is considered unlikely that the SPD would forgo the opportunity to lead the Senate.

The House of Representatives election has to be repeated because of many mishaps. The new election date has been set for February 12.

The research group elections interviewed a total of 1151 eligible voters in Berlin for the ZDF survey from Tuesday to Thursday. The institute Infratest dimap surveyed a total of 1540 voters in Berlin from Monday to Wednesday for the ARD.

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