“Poor” affront in the top game: Ronaldo provokes coach with early escape

“Poor” affront in the top game
Ronaldo provokes coach with premature escape

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is causing the next stir because of his frustrating bank role at Manchester United. The Portuguese disappeared into the players’ tunnel before the final whistle in the Red Devils’ convincing 2-0 home win against Tottenham Hotspur.

Cristiano Ronaldo suffers. He suffers because he no longer plays a relevant sporting role at Manchester United. And the Portuguese superstar makes no secret of his suffering. On Wednesday evening he even caused a scandal. In the surprising 2-0 win of his “Red Devils” against third-placed Tottenham Hotspur, the 37-year-old left the interior of Old Trafford before the final whistle. As perfectly captured by the TV cameras, Ronaldo disappeared into the catacombs of the venerable stadium in the 88th minute. frustrated.

The situation is particularly explosive because United still had two transfer options available. So Ronaldo could have been sent onto the field for tactical reasons. But the proud star apparently has no desire for such gimmicks. Does this angry departure have consequences? “I’ll deal with it on Thursday,” announced team manager Erik ten Hag. The affront shouldn’t particularly interest him from a sporting point of view, but rather in relation to his coaching authority – the Dutchman, who was still against the striker’s departure in the summer, had already hinted that Ronaldo could change in the winter.

“That’s pathetic”

For weeks, the former world footballer, who can hardly get beyond the role of a bench player and only gets longer assignments in less important games, has been openly showing his frustration. “I’m sorry but that’s unacceptable, that’s so pathetic,” said former England international turned TV pundit Gary Lineker of Ronaldo’s escape against Tottenham. The Portuguese’s second spell at United, where he once became a superstar and moved to Real Madrid for a record fee, is threatening to end badly.

Already in the game against the nouveau riche club Newcastle United last Sunday there was apparently trouble between Ronaldo and ten Hag. The Portguese had to leave the field in the 72nd minute (final score 0-0, by the way). The striker looked incredulous at first, then pissed off. Again and again he shook his head, scolded himself and sat down on the bench angrily after being slapped by the coach.

His great moments are forgotten. Like the one almost two weeks ago when Ronaldo scored his 700th goal at club level against Everton. Everything is overlaid by the player’s frustration with his role – and his form. Because when he plays, it no longer wants to work out the way the player wants it to. In the club and in the national team he missed a number of the best opportunities. In Portugal, with a view to the World Cup, the question was raised as to whether the 37-year-old still had to be a regular player.

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