Porsche announces its 4K 144 Hz gaming monitor

The screen displays a unique design close to the brand’s racing cars Porsche. It offers a diagonal of 31.5 “with a 4K resolution or 3840 x 2160 pixels and bears the name of PD32M.

Porsche chief designer Roland Heiler says:

Our ultimate goal was to create a top-of-the-line monitor, combining sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology. In 2020, the collaboration between Porsche Design and AGON by AOC gave birth to the PD27, a first QHD gaming monitor in 240 Hz, whose foot was reminiscent of the roll bar of Porsche racing cars. With this second generation of gaming monitor, we have taken the design inspired by motor racing even further. For example, it embeds design elements referring to the steering wheel and wheel rims of a sports car.

screen PD32M is equipped with two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, a USB Type-C port, four USB 3.2 ports and a headphone jack. It also offers a brightness rate of 1,600 nits and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. It also offers a backlight and two DTS Sound-certified 8 W speakers.

porsche pd32m 1

screen Porsche PD32M is available directly on the brand’s website for €2,150.

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