Porsche’s next hypercar could be an electric car

The lineage of the most exclusive Porsche models includes the 959, Carrera GT and 918 Spyder. These three models are legendary, but each represents a different philosophy and era for Porsche. The next car to join this line will undoubtedly make a difference and could be 100% electric.

Thus, Oliver Blume, the CEO of Porsche, announced to our Australian colleagues that Carsales that the brand would make the decision in the coming months of the year whether or not to produce a (small) series model inspired by the Mission X concept, 100% electric. Remember that Porsche’s next hypercar is still far from arriving on the market, precisely because the manufacturer preferred to invest in its electrification.

An electric hypercar before the 911?

The arrival of an electric hypercar at Porsche would not be completely surprising, as the 918 Spyder was already equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine more than ten years ago . In addition, the Porsche range includes more and more electric models. The Taycan was the initiator, the Macan has now taken the plunge and this will soon also be the case for the 718 and Cayenne. Finally, an electric SUV even larger than the Cayenne is also on the program. There remains the iconic 911, for the moment resistant to all-electric, but which could be equipped with hybridization soon.

Coming back to Mission X, Oliver Blume added: “With the concept, we showed the technology we want to put in the car, the level of performance, and the reactions we got during the celebration of our 75th anniversary were extremely positive, so it’s a great motivation for us to build the car.”.

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The Mission X concept was presented in June 2023, on the occasion of the manufacturer’s anniversary. Porsche has remained rather discreet about its technical characteristics, but has indicated that the concept represents its vision of the fastest road-legal model on the Nordschleife, the famous loop North of the Nürburgring. To achieve this ambition, the Mission X would display a weight/power ratio of 1:1 (1 hp per kg). It would also be equipped with a 900 V architecture, for a recharge time half that of the Taycan Turbo S phase 1, and would benefit from significantly greater aerodynamic downforce than the Taycan Turbo S phase 1. that of a current 911 GT3 RS (type 992).

If a production model actually results from this, let’s hope that this weight/power ratio is obtained with a limited mass and not simply with crazy power. In addition to a predominant use of carbon, this would require Porsche to equip its electric hypercar with cutting-edge technologies in terms of its batteries, in order to limit the mass of its car. The 100% electric Rimac Nevera weighs more than 2,150 kg, which is enormous for a hypercar, although Bugatti is also used to flirting with 2 tonnes.

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