Positive balance – vacation in Lignano: “Tutto Gas” on the brakes

The Italian authorities had warned in advance of “thousands of barbarians”. But apart from a few minor incidents, the guests from Austria got on the party gas peacefully this year!

“No major incidents” – so the balance of the local authorities after “Tutto Gas” in Lignano. A statement that seems somewhat inappropriate given the accidental death of an Italian (19). According to the city spokeswoman, 20 party guests had to be treated medically for “various reasons”. Like the drunken girl who had to be “picked up” from the beach by paramedics on Saturday morning and taken to the hospital. Apart from the smaller amounts of “weed” seized, everything went according to law. And that despite warnings about the “thousands of barbarians” from Austria. In fact, in the course of the “Krone” local inspection, most could not understand the excitement about the party weekend. “You can easily escape the hustle and bustle” Neither on the red-white-red, nor on the local side. “The young people should celebrate, we have that too. That’s three days a year and it only affects a small part of Lignano. You can easily escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy peace and quiet. I don’t understand why many Austrians are so upset,” explains mother and regular holidaymaker Tina from Styria. Totally normal madness Even the head of the restaurant Bartolo can’t understand the fuss – although he doesn’t make a profit from “Tutto Gas”. On the contrary: “The party guests eat at food stands, and many holidaymakers don’t come on the weekend. Still, I don’t understand the strict politics. That’s how people will celebrate in Jesolo or in Croatia in the future…” Stefano, who is a few meters away from the party epicenter with his Bar Italia, sees it similarly: “I’m only allowed to make music until 1 a.m., at 3 clock is over. I still have to pay security staff…”
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