Positive energy: with these tips it will work immediately

Goodbye bad mood! With these tricks, tips and tools, boredom, worries and grief have no chance!

Positive energy: the basics

We all have basic needs that must be met in order to be well. These are also the basis for any positive energy that we can let into our lives.

You know it yourself: when you are cold, need to go to the bathroom urgently or are hungry, it is difficult to be totally happy, full of positive energy and relaxed.

So for positive energy to have a chance to enter your life and your home at all, you should have slept well, be rested and full. Of course, the choice of your food also has a decisive influence on your mood. Because the right vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins and carbohydrates release happiness hormones such as serotonin.

While we often notice this immediately after consuming coffee and chocolate, vegetables or fruit have a particularly lasting effect on our emotional regulation. Citrus fruits and berries in particular have a long-term mood-enhancing effect. But fats, for example from olive oil, are also essential for our body to be happy. Nuts are also known for their beneficial effects on our nervous system. They help us in stressful situations and have a relaxing effect.

Other foods known for their mood-enhancing effects:

  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Seeds (e.g. quinoa)
  • mushrooms
  • asparagus
  • Apricots
  • fish

Positive energy through movement

Movement is also essential for us to feel good. Even the biggest grumpy athlete produces happiness hormones such as dopamine and serotonin after a little exercise. It doesn’t have to be jogging, stomach, legs, buttocks or other “excruciating” sports. The main thing is that you feel good about it!

At home, too, there are countless opportunities to get active in sports and to tease out happiness hormones and positive energy. Yoga is particularly popular and combines countless advantages:

  • You don’t need much space.
  • The only equipment you need is comfortable Yoga mat.
  • Even five to ten minutes have a great effect.
  • You build muscles and reduce stress and tension. You also stretch your entire body.
  • You focus on your breathing, which is very grounding and calming.
  • You are spoiled for choice when it comes to online yoga classes. Here, too, you will find what you are looking for.

But dancing is also great to immediately release positive energy. Just make your favorite music and get started! The great thing is that nobody is watching you at home and you can dance really boisterous, over-the-top and completely without tact. Absolutely liberating!

Another sport that is predestined to generate positive energy is jumping. Snap up Trampoline for home use, grab your favorite playlist again and just jump on it. Whether you do jumping jacks and specific muscle exercises on the trampoline or just jump around is secondary. You burn calories anyway, a lot more than when you do strenuous jogging. Jumping is also easy on the joints and you can do it naked if you enjoy it.

Mucking out: making space for positive energy

Not just since Marie Kondo and hers bestseller we know that mucking out, tidying up and cleaning up can release an enormous amount of positive energy. Even in the 3500 year old teaching of Feng Shui, mucking out and creating space are the fundamentals to keep the positive energies flowing. When you create order in your home, you create order in yourself too.

Balance also plays an important role in Feng Shui. Each direction of the room is designed differently. The elements fire, water, wind, etc. are important factors in this design. In the ideal case, this creates a perfect mixture of yin and yang energy, i.e. from the masculine and feminine, the cold and the warm. Materials and colors play a decisive role in this. The goal of Feng Shui is to bring harmony into all areas of life.

Putting the bed in the right corner of the room can work wonders, for example when it comes to things of love. But also career, creativity and family life can be positively influenced with a few transformation methods. If you are curious and want to learn more about Feng Shui, is this book recommendable.

Incense positive energy

Incense sticks, white sage and Palo Santo tie in with the teachings of Feng Shui. The smoke cleanses the air of negative and old energies, while special herbal and fragrance mixtures have different effects on our well-being and promote positive energy in the home. There is incense in a wide variety of designs and scents.

Palo Santo special healing powers as well as the expulsion of negative energies are awarded. It should also have a euphoric and stimulating effect. Even white sage is supposed to drive away evil spirits and have a positive effect on our aura and energy.

There are also certain smoking mixtures that are supposed to achieve different effects. From cleaning the energy to success, windfall or Happiness in love everything is included.

Healing stones for positive energy

Effects such as positive energy on the body and psyche are also attributed to a wide variety of gemstones. Knowing about Healing stones is also several thousand years old and runs through countless cultures. While the early Egyptians already knew about the effects of different crystals, Tibetan monks still use healing stones for meditation today.

To be more precise Amethysts. These are supposed to help with stress, prevent burnout and are among the most important protective stones. Also, amethysts are said to be Give consolation and joy, free yourself from emotional stress, strengthen your will and promote intuition and concentration.

You can hold healing stones in your hands during meditation, set them up in the apartment, put them under your pillow or as a Jewellery wear on the body. Even Facial roller made of healing stones are very popular and are supposed to beautify the skin.

Other known healing stones:

  • Of the Rock crystal should promote positive energy and thoughts, help to jump beyond one’s own shadow and with Obesity, stomach problems and abdominal pain help. In addition, the healing stone is said to release blockages and stabilize the aura.
  • Of the Rose quartz is the stone of Love and fertility. This stone has long been experiencing a real hype from celebrity ladies like Kate Hudson, Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr, who swear by it and are convinced of its effect. The rose quartz should have a calming effect, Relieve anxiety, headaches and sleep disorders and combat blemished skin. Furthermore he allegedly drives away relationship worries and creates positive energy in relation to love.
  • Of the agate however should Relieve depression, calm your stomach and help you find your way back to yourself. In addition, it allegedly drives out all evil and is supposed to provide positive energy and a feeling of security in the apartment.


Attitude plays a crucial role in terms of positive energy. But now, especially in tense and difficult times, it is difficult for us to force ourselves to be in a good mood and to remain positive. One trick to improve the mood in no time is gratitude. Gurus, psychologists and life coaches agree that you cannot be grateful and totally sad at the same time. A help in getting clear about the things for which we can be grateful Gratitude diaries.

Just a few minutes a day help enormously in promoting our gratitude. Even if you are going through a difficult time and are hopeless, there are still many things to be thankful for. A warm bed, a delicious meal, a friend who is always there for you, the rays of the sun that come through your window or a book that speaks to your soul.

Positive energy through inspiration and creativity

If you already have a hobby like making music or painting, this naturally brings positive energy into your everyday life. But even without special skills, you can benefit from the positive effects of creative activities.

Have been for some time Coloring books for adults Most wanted. They help us to let the mind rest completely, reduce stress and promote creativity.

But the right reading can also help us feel great and generate positive energy. The best example is Jen Sincero’s book: “You are awesome! Finally stop doubting your greatness and start a fantastic life”. Bad mood doesn’t stand a chance!


Neuroscientists, psychologists, monks, doctors and coaches all agree: Meditation is good for us and brings positive energy into our lives. There are now countless studies on the positive effects of meditation. First of all, it is not important whether you meditate for five, ten or 20 minutes, but that you do it regularly. Ideally every day. You can decide for yourself whether you prefer a silent meditation or a guided meditation. Guided mediations work with positive mantras and are available online on myriad platforms.

In silent meditation, you simply sit up straight (you can use a Meditation cushion help) and focus on your breathing. You just let the thoughts that come by without evaluating them. In the beginning, many people find it difficult to let go of their thoughts because we are so used to identifying with them. However, you are not your thoughts, but the one watching them. Over time, you will find it easier to let go and feel the positive energy of meditation.

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