Post about grandpa as a starting point: This is Germany’s first full-time corporate influencer

Post about grandpa as a starting point
This is Germany’s first full-time corporate influencer

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How do I explain to my grandpa how car sharing works? This post was a career kick for Lara Sophie Bothur. A little later she became Germany’s first corporate influencer. In “So techt Deutschland” she explains why employees should tell their stories.

A key moment in Lara Sophie Bothurs Career was a viral LinkedIn post inspired by a conversation with her 101-year-old grandfather about car sharing and digitalization. “It was a special situation that represented 100 years of digitalization,” remembers Bothur. For her, it was the start of a new career path.

As Germany’s first full-time corporate influencer, Bothur has opened up a new career sector for Germany. Ultimately, it’s about redefining corporate communication. Employees become ambassadors for their employer on business platforms such as LinkedIn. “It’s about giving authentic and approachable insights into the company,” explains Bothur.

At Bothur this works quickly. While she still had around 70,000 followers on LinkedIn in May 2023, she is now scratching the 200,000 mark. This makes her among the Top 20 the women with the highest reach on LinkedIn.

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