Post Malone: ​​New look without curls and huge head tattoo

Rapper Post Malone (24, "Congratulations") proudly presents his new look in an Instagram post: He not only shaved his skull completely bald, the right half of his head above the ear is now also adorned with a huge skull tattoo. "I cut my hair even shorter. In addition, skeletons are cool," explains the musician, whose real name is Austin Richard Post. "Open your heart as far as you can. A little bit of love takes you further than you think."

It is not his first tattoo on the head: Among other things, the rapper has the words "Stay Away" (in German: "Bleib weg") and "Always" ("Immer") tattooed around his eye. Playing cards, a Playboy bunny, a sword, a hammer and a crown of thorns also adorn his face.